This is Lacy and I own and operate Mystic Tattoo. Been at it 38 years and goin strong…Opened the first Tattoo Shop here in Charlottesville back in 1982. Love what I’m doin or I wouldn’t be here…Been piercing for over 24 years and I’m damn good at it…Come check us out…I promise you will LOVE us…!!

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Rich Vogel

I'm originally from Bayshore LI, NY been residing in Virginia since 89 and apprentice under Lacy Weeks since the summer of 89 in the Blue Ridge shop and work at most of his shops off and on through the years. I have also worked all over the great country Of the USA from NY to LA from West Palm Beach to Puywallup, WA, Richmond VA, Roanoke VA to Havelock NC and some of the best shops around. Mystic Tattoo of course where it all began also Danny's Ancient Art, Skin Thrills,Railyard Ink Roanoke VA, Tattoo Mania Los Angeles, Big Daddy's San Pedro, Class Act West Palm Beach and other shop in Puywallup, Red Dragon of Richmond VA, also Custom Tattoo RIP Jeff The Jew and Immortal Tattoo Havelock NC and quite a few more shops so yeah I travelled a lot in my time.

My experiences through the years tattooing so many people and stories of people from the Rich and Famous to the average person to the Sports stars and the great Men and Women of the Military makes you appreciate every ounce of life and without Tattooing I would have never experience any of this. My favorite style is American Traditional and Japanese also I love to do Color and New School and Black and Grey basically I Love Tattooing any way sure you read enough. Have a great one and hope to see ya soon for your Tattoo needs at Mystic Tattoo.

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