This is Lacy and I own and operate Mystic Tattoo. Been at it 38 years and goin strong…Opened the first Tattoo Shop here in Charlottesville back in 1982. Love what I’m doin or I wouldn’t be here lol…Been piercing for over 24 years and I’m damn good at it…Come check us out…I promise you will LOVE us…!!



My name is Dustin. I have lived in and around Charlottesville my whole life. I really enjoy tattooing as an art form and love doing all styles, whether they be black and grey or color. I am self-taught and have worked here at Mystic Tattoo since March 2012.



I have been tattooing for about 20 years in a bunch of different places. Kickin' back and just enjoyin' the ride. I don't really have a "style"... I like doing all types of tattoos, especially original pieces. Black & grey, color, realistic, or art reproduction...I will do just about any style of tattoo. So if you like my work, come and set an appointment with me and get your next project started.